Excellent information for job seekers!

This is a must-read if you are searching for a job…

5 resume hacks that get recruiters to respond

Tips for attending a job fair

I would add two more: Bring a one-page resume with you, and tailor the resumes to the jobs that you may apply for at the job fair.

Tips for getting the most out of a job fair

3 ways to update your skills for work

It’s important to stay up-to-date on your skills for work. Here are 3 ways to do just that:

  1. Take an online class at Their tagline is, “Own your future by learning new skills online.” Courses are currently on sale (January)
  2. Find videos on Youtube. It’s surprising what you can learn for free! I listened to several videos on ‘search engine optimization’ during my lunch break and was amazed with the quality of instruction.
  3. Google it. I recently googled, “How to gain marketing experience,” so I can enhance these skills. The search provided me with several ideas I hadn’t thought of.

21 Ways to Improve your resume

Check out #14: Be perfect

This was employers’ number one stated mistake job hunters make in the survey. The resumé must be flawless. No spelling errors, mistakes or typos, especially in emails. Many HR managers insisted they would not hire offenders. PROOFREAD CAREFULLY.

How to become a speech writer; writing speeches

Allena Tapia shares these tips for writing speeches:

  • Start small, even free, offering speeches to community groups or on a volunteer basis.

  • Think about joining a Toastmasters or other speech group/club.

  • Volunteer to work in other capacities on campaigns and in elections. This gets you introduced to the “right” people for your future.

  • Seek out local speech writers for mentoring. Ask after the arc of their career. How did they “get here”?

  • Read books on speechwriting.

  • Break down famous speeches on your own, without leaning on a book to tell you the “why” and “how” of the speech.

  • Speechwriters often come from other career fields like journalism and writing, consider those career paths, too.

  • If you want to be a political speechwriter, consider writing other political material, such as op-eds, press releases, and campaign brochures. Start building up that writing portfolio.

I would add these tips:

  • Look into your own background – perhaps your school, church, or club
    would be interested in hearing you speak?
  • Watch Ted talks or YouTube videos on the Internet or attend lectures or events in person.
  • Find a meetup group ( either with other (speech) writers, or
    one whose cause you support and offer to provide a talk.
  • Check out writers’ websites – many offer tips or provide webinars.
  • Start paying attention to famous quotes, personal interest stories, interesting
    statistics, and other snippets of information – when it’s time to write, they will be at the ready!

Bing Warns: Poor Grammar May Lead To Poor Rankings

Duane Forrester from Bing strongly implied on the Bing Webmaster Blog that having poorly written content with poor grammar will have a negative impact on your search rankings within Bing. Read more here.

What to Cut and What to Keep on Your Résumé

I particularly like tips #3 and 4. I try to include examples or achievements rather than responsibilities, too. For instance, anybody can say they have great customer service skills. What does that mean for you specifically? How do you know (you know but you need to tell the hiring managers)? Did you receive letters from clients thanking you for your service? Did you receive positive feedback on a customer survey? Did co-workers ask for your help or did you train anybody in customer service (proving your skills)?

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