About Joan

A published writer and seasoned editor in the Washington, DC metro area

Specializing in health, human rights, & travel

I have been published in newspapers, magazines, and online venues on topics such as health, human rights, and travel. (I have been to nearly 40 countries and lived in four foreign cities!)

I have a master’s degree in health from Johns Hopkins, an editing specialist certificate from EEI Communications, and well over ten years of experience in writing and editing.

In my professional life here in the US, I have written and edited reports, newsletters, articles, proposals, manuscripts, issue briefs, communication and human resources materials. I had one long-term client for note-taking and report-writing tasks.

I worked as a teacher and a textbook editor for several years overseas, and I am a certified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, with a specialization in teaching TOEFL test preparation skills.

I have volunteered with several groups, like Amnesty International, Crossing Borders for Women’s Rights, and housing-related organizations like Habitat for Humanity and a DC-based half-way house. I served on the board of Saving Promise (domestic violence) and the Guatemala Human Rights Commission.

Please contact me for your researching, writing and editing needs. I take quality and deadlines very seriously. I will stand behind my work and deliver material that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Please email me at J-lines@protonmail.com 

Call me at 301-675-6550

Thanks for stopping by & I look forward to working with you.



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