Some reactions from my resume writing clients in October 2016:

Thank you for all your assistance with my resume. I wanted to reach out and let you know I was offered and accepted a job.
Have an awesome day and thank you again.  — Client 1

Thank you very much for the great edits and additions!….This looks great, Joan!
Thank you very much.  It looks much more polished and professional now. — Client 2

Wow, it looks really good, you are awesome. –Client 3

*   *  *   *  *

I met Joan in South Korea at an Amnesty International gathering. She did editing work here. I have recently asked her to proofread a novel I had translated. She made every effort to improve my work. We sometimes write things without checking spelling of a name, thinking we clearly know it. She corrected what I had missed. Pianist Chaupin was changed to Chopin. She must have searched everything thoroughly. I made a lot of questions on the work. She showed patience. —M. S., South Korea

*   *  *   *  *

Joan is a skillful editor for both quantitative and qualitative research manuscripts. I have been meaning to publish one of my past qualitative research data (actually my dissertation data) for some time now; I have been putting it off for years. But fortunately, I met Joanie last year, and she got me going!

I love having an editor who can think with me, rather than just straight editing of words. It is difficult to edit this kind of paper without the maturity of writing skills and intellectual imagination to understand what the author is trying to say about certain data. And the important thing about my experience with Joan is that she not only possesses both skills and intellect but also sincerely cares about her work and listens well; therefore, she quickly understands my meaning. This is very important to me as someone who is trying to share my findings with the world. I consider it a very fortunate event that I met Joan last year. She gave me what I needed. She skillfully reorganized and simplified this complicated paper. She got me motivated to publish this thing again!

I feel a sense of professional duty about this paper and it seems she totally gets it and knows how important it is for me to get this paper published. So I am confident that she will continue to help me and push me to succeed in sending it out to publish it soon!—S.A. Rockville, MD

*   *  *   *  *

I contacted Joan to assist me with reviewing, writing, and editing my website and marketing materials. Being self-employed, I really didn’t have time to review it as critically as I needed to, but I knew there was room for much improvement. Not only did Joan make great edits and suggestions but she also transformed the overall tone of important marketing materials. Joan also provided valuable insight into how to better communicate with my clients that has helped me broaden my appeal. I highly recommend her and I will be continuing to use her services as I continue to update and fine-tune my marketing plan.–Kevin P., Rockville, MD  

*  *   *  *   *

From colleagues: “We’re back from Mozambique, and I wanted to let you know that we got very positive feedback about the high quality of the participant packets we prepared, so I wanted you to hear that all your efforts were greatly appreciated by the client and by many stakeholders.”

 “Just FYI that this report went over very well, and it’s been completed. Thanks so much for your help with it!”

* * * * *

  You did an awesome job! Thanks! I appreciated the quick turnaround and am very impressed by the way you overhauled my entire self-marketing strategy, highlighted the important and finer points of my career and presented my skills and abilities in a much better way that I could have done. The complete résumé packet is superb and there is no doubt that I will get the position I desire. I will not hesitate to recommend your writing services to anyone looking for great results. —Katy H. Alexandria, VA


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