New Year, New Resume!

Get a FREE cover letter for all resumes ordered by Jan. 31! 

January is a great time to update your resume! Consider all your achievements in 2016 and revise your resume, so it’ll be ready when you need it. If you update your resume every year, it’ll make the task much easier — you will be able to recall details better or research them if you can’t. So many times I have asked a client for details, such as, “How much did you increase sales by?” If they can state it in numbers — by $500/month, by 20% — they will achieve better results.

Think about your achievements last year. Consider the following questions.

  1. What were your top accomplishments last year? Can you quantify them with numbers, percentages, dollars?
  2. Did you take initiative or lead a project?
  3. Did management give you any positive feedback?
  4. Have your peers commented on how you perform your work? How well you work with people? How detail-oriented you are?
  5. Have clients provided verbal or written feedback?
  6. Did you receive Employee of the Month or Year? Were you acknowledged in any sort of way?
  7. Have you kept track of how much you worked? (served 10-15 clients/day, answered 50 emails/day, wrote 3 op-eds last year, made 250 flyers that were distributed…)

Get a FREE cover letter for all resumes ordered by Jan. 31! 

(Offer valid January 1 – 31, 2017)


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